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54 in leesburg. so the stage is set for a very chilly night. and in our weather headlines we have that cool air continuing to settle in here. the chilly start tomorrow. definitely going to want to send the kids out the door with a jacket or sweat shirt. during the afternoon we'll warm up but still significant below normal for this time of year. as we get into taos date will be milder, closer to after, then wednesday will be probably the warmest day of the work week, but that's when some showers arrive as well. right now satellite and radar completely clear for us in the d.c. metro, but there are some showers on the back side of this storm system that rolled on through yesterday. we're not going to see any of those showers for most of us, but future cast picking up on the possibility of a sprinkle rolling through here. i don't think this is going to happen but be aware if you live in hagerstown or frederick that you might see a quick shower on monday morning. most of the day is dry. you can see here on future cast we don't even have any clouds showing up. the clouds roll in by tuesday.
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by tuesday night more showers moving in. and this is legit. i think we will see showers as we head into tuesday night, early wednesday morning, but during the daylight hours on tuesday we stay dry. so your lows overnight, very important, it is going to be chilly. you need to be prepared for these temperatures, all the way down to 46 degrees in leesburg overnight, 47 in manassas, 44 in martinsburg and hagerstown. keep in mind we usually reach our low temperature rate around sunrise. so you might already be stepping out the door when we're down to 43 degrees in win chert and 42 in come bear land. by the way, there's a frost advisory for garrett county. 37 degrees for your overnight low in oakland. as we head through the morning hours it will still be chilly. 40s and 50s with west winds at 5 to 15 miles per hour. taking a look at the zones, we are going to get into the 60s tomorrow, and that's where we'll stop. 69 degrees in warrenton, and we will be very chilly for this
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time of year throughout the entire area, he is special along the chesapeake. only 70 in an appear play, 70 at andrews air force base. 68 degrees in pax river for your temperature tomorrow. over the next three days we will start to get milder. 76 degrees on tuesday. on wednesday the showers move in, and so does the mild eight, so unfortunately we can't get the mild air and the dry conditions at the same time, but we will have a beautiful tuesday, i think that might be the pick of the week, with a high of 76 degrees and lots of sunshine. that mid-week storm system that produced the showers will be off and on for wednesday, thursday, maybe even friday before the storm system moves out. we're going keep the weekend dry. we're continuing to track a system that might bring us a shower. it's a coastal system that could bring aus shower. we're going to keep it offshore for now. so the main threat for rain will be in the middle of the work week. it will be chilly tomorrow morning, though. i want to stress. that it is going to be cooler
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than you expect for this time of year. >> okay, erica, thanks a lot. green day's billy joe armstrong is headed to rehab. today's announcement comes after the rock front man had a meltdown on stage at the i heart radio music festival in las vegas. he has apologized and is canceling some appearances. miami heat star dwyane wade was in town this weekend. the basketball star turned author has written a because about his life on and off the court. we caught up with him in northwest d.c. >> i share a lot of personal life experiences from my childhood to my adulthood with my public divorce and custody battle. >> his new back is called "a father first." rgiii was sacked six times. the defense gives up big plays. we're going to talk about it next.
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i don't have a problem with rgiii. i think he's playing great as a rookie. but get him some help. >> i wouldn't say he's playing great. i think he's a little shaky in the pocket but that secondary has to definitely improve. they are struggling, no doubt. we spoke to fans who told me they were putting this one squarely in the win column. bengals? easy. not so few. people forget cincinnati made the playoffs last year. this was going to be a stern test for rgiii, and it was. looking to help break a six- game home losing tree, he was a
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virtuoso performance. he scored his third rushing touchdown of the year. unfortunately, he couldn't play safety, which is where they needed help. a.j. green and andy dalton blew up the redskins' secondary. >> i wasn't even aware about the whole seven games in a row losing at home, you know. something we need to change where we need to make it an unfriendly environment when other opposing teams come in and play ?eemplt we're going break down the redskins' game from a to z including is rgiii doing this too much. is he running too much? our expert in the house. he is going to join me in stud grow discuss that and more. kristen berset is also in baltimore, so a lot to get to. also, the nats. they got the wood put to them this afternoon by the milwaukee
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brewers. milwaukee takes two of three from the rockies. >> he's a smart quarterback. >> he better get down if he's so smart. >> i saw him sliding a couple times. maybe he needs to do that more object. all right, something i actually know about, the forecast. we're going see lots of sunshine tomorrow, a high of 70 degrees, but it's going to be chilly. >> we've all got opinions. you can say whatever you want here. game on next. have a great weekend, everybody, bye.
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we're going to do what we do, make plays. make sure you know you are going to make the play. >> no shortage of highlights from rgiii's home opener. burgundy and gold puts up points while the bengals hold a track meet. into to the house! is. >> he answers with his legs again but is he carrying the rock too much? ravens-patriots. a year removed from an epic championship. who got it done this time? a live report upcoming from the ravens den. the nats' magic number unchanged compliments of a
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brewer bashing. jimmy southard, you are the man on that editing. good stuff. welcome to game on. happy sunday, although "happy" is a relative term, depending on what you root for, burgundy and gold nation. let's get this party started ritt and quickly. you know rock the house is going to be packed. all i see there is burgundy and gold. if you got popcorn before the game you missed it. a.j. green was nothing but his name sang front of him. green. 73 yards from the wildcat. 7-0 cincinnati to start the game. cinci taketh, and they giveth. happy birthday, man, filling in for brian orakpo.
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dalton right back. he beats wilson like a drum. dalton well on his way to a second straight 300-yard game. rgiii in the pocket today. he had a rough one. michael johnson says meet me at the quarterback. he's going down. sacks griffin on consecutive plays. so the bengals get it back, driving again. set up for a field goal, and it's a fake. bengals led 24-10 at that time half. they were playing some good football. redskins' offense struggling in the first half. different story in the second half. alfred more ray, get out of the arm tackle. come on, you can't tackle that guy with just arms. another solid game for him 24- 17. after the punt, griffin rolled and hit santana. moss' only catch of the day. he made it count to tie it. fourth quarter now, dalton right back, the red-headed stepchild. i say that because he's got red hair. he's also got a strong arm.
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dawkins with the mismatch. dalton was doing it with his arm, griffin doing it with his legs here. his third rushing touchdown of the season. 38-31 now. one last drive. josh morgan was the goat last week. he gets it done there. 221 yards. later in the drive, ball at the bengals' 38-yard line. griffin spins out. running, running, running. 12 carries, 89 yards. the redskins' leading rusher. not always a good thing. then it gets crazy. fred davis calls for a false start. the clock had been stopped so there is no 10-second runoff. the refs call unsportsmanlike. some reports say because kyle shanahan chased down a ref and berated him. it all leads to this play.
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hail mary? hell no. redskins lose 38-31. >> it's disappointing. i thought the defense was going to be the strength of our football team, the and even though it doesn't look that way to start off, we lost a number of guys, and we're starting to regroup. we're getting some guys that are getting a chance to play that haven't really played before. >> defensively we thought we'd bea better unit, and i know we will be but right now we haven't performed to that level. >> the big thing for us was big plays, and that's what bit us in the butt last week and that's what bit us in the butt this week. >> explosive offense is the order of the day. 53 combined first downs. alfred morris, another rock solid performance. 4.6 yards a pop. fred davis, seven catches for 90. still, not enough to avoid the team's 7th consecutive home loss. joined now by rocky parrish.
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always a pleasure. let's start with this secondary. this week they give up 328. how concerned should mike shanahan be? >> i don't know what raheem morris was brought to this team for but he's not doing it. i'm sure they're preparing. they're just not preparing for the right ski. week to week it's the same things over and over again. i believe hall should be placed at safety. let geese and get some other guys that want to step up. >> first play of the game, a.j. green just runs by like he's wearing cement shoes. >> i just think there's more to the than just the man to man situation. it's too much zone. guys are keeping their head in the back field, and it's going to continue to gives problems. >> it wasn't just a.j. green. gresham, you see him going across the middle, darting skat
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back, or slot back. also dawkins had an outstanding day. let's turn to rgiii. 21 of 34, 221. your thoughts on his performance today. i thought he was a little shaky in the pocket. not as act occur ?riew. justifiably so. black was getting beaten like he was -- like a policeman was getting to him. you know what i mean? i think right now he's running too much. the option needs to be thrown out. i know they're doing it to keep the defenses off but he's taken too many shots. >> this offensive line is struggling. trent williams goes down. the one thing i guess you can say, and it's got to be a positive thing, coaches will say a quarterback has to be able to get his team in position when they don't necessarily play well. we saw that from rgiii. didn't play well. got his team in position. >> i disagree a little bit. i think it's up to the offensive coordinator to get
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them in the groove. i disagree with using the option to get in the groove but i think it's up to kyle shanahan. get them in comfortable plays. let's get them going down the field, marching. >> you keep talking about those hits. he took some serious hits this afternoon. >> unnecessary. >> really unnecessary hits, getting outside the pocket. everyone has talked about it. we've talked about it on this show. rgiii addressed it after the game. let's listen in on some of the things he had to say about getting out of the pocket and taking those hits. listen up. >> the one thing i won't do personally is, you know, quit, or, you know, play scared. i've never played scared in my life. doesn't matter how many times they hit me. i'm going to continue to get back up. even if they have to cart me off the field, i'm going to get up and walk away. >> strong words by rgiii. but listen, in my mind, you've got to keep your quarterback safe. >> i respect it. i'm a ball player. i'm going do the same thing, but man you are the leader of our team.
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>> absolutely. >> you are the head. if you go down, you are the head of voltron. if you go down, everything goes down. >> i tell you, mike shanahan after the game says this is about playing the quarterback position in the nfl. it happens. i disagree. you've got to keep your quarterback say. he ran the football 12 times today. i think that's too much. what do you say? is. >> not only that, but i wonder what happened to the play calling? shanahan, first game, doesn't look like the saints were that hard of a time the way it's looking. >> and they lost to the chiefs today. no doubt, michael vick before, dazzling plays, but listen, if you can't stay healthy you're not helping your team at all. >> exact. the last thing i want to see is rex grossman take the field. so, please, rgiii, do what you need to do. >> i think you and redskins nation is hoping that. that's one half of the story. the other involves the baltimore rains. that game is in progress right
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now. so we've got 30 to 28, fourth quarter, patriots leading the ravens. both of those teams 1-1 right now. the patriots have the football, or do the ravens have the football? ravens have the football, and they are driving. we've also got a live report coming up from kristen berset what is in baltimore right now. of course, the afc championship rematch from a year ago. so we're going to have a lot of highlights coming up on that game in just a second. also, another side note to that, torrey smith playing with a heavy heart. we're going to detail that as well. we've got much more coming up on game on everytime right after this break.
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back with rocky parrish, one half of the kevin and rock show. >> this is my shannon sharp night. i'm going with the cbs family feel. >> looks good, sir. thus far we're seeing an unorthodox offense. i would say a lack of a wide receiver threat but i want to ask you, can this football team consistently win? can you win in the nfl running an offense like this? >> no, because people are going to pick it up just like the wildcat. people eventually picked up on that. but the thing that's sad, dave, we're scoring over 30 points a week. >> right. >> and that used to be in other years, if we had that, we'd have a 16-0 season. >> i certainly see your point on that. but again, no wide receiver threat. that's got to be an issue that's concerning the redskins nation. >> the other problem, and i was tweeting it out today, didn't
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we keep 17 receivers? how come we didn't keep 20 d- backs? pierre garcon still can't get on the field yet. obviously he's the big play guy but you have got to expect guys like hankerson to step up. >> everyone talks about the drop-off, and it is, but these guys are getting paid big money. it's not like someone from oxon hill. these guys are getting paid big money. >> they challenged the punt situation that took away another time-out. bad time management by mike shanahan, and did it impact the outcome of the game? >> yes, but let's not put it all on shanahan. rgiii took a breather, and that burned a time-out that we could use.
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it's not just kyle or mike. it's also rgiii. >> refs lost control of the game i would say at the end of the game. throughout the game they were pretty good, but that's been a topic of discussion all around the league on regional and national, local shows. assess how they performed today. >> last week i used the word booty. this week i will use the word poo-poo. they are complete hot garbage. they need to get into the scrum. when there's a fumble, jump in there, do the work that you're paid to be doing, and people will respect you more. >> yeah, i tell you what, i thought they still were okay today. >> the redskins can't blame them for the loss, i know that much. >> that's true. all right, that's the redskins' story. let's turn to the ravens' story. they're in a big battle with new england, but football becoming secondary. early this morning the brother of wide receiver torrey smith was involved in a motorcycle accident in northeast virginia. he was killed. smith, who is a university of
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maryland grad left the team hotel to be with family, then later decided to play in tonight's game. smith was very close to his 19- year-old brother cep, and we know how close that family was. there were seven children in that family. we know the torrey smith family very well. hard hitting football tonight. talk about ed reed bringing the wood, what do you think of this hit right here? smashing, bringing the wood. i think julian is seeing stars there. >> won't do that again. >> no flag on that play. new england would get a field goal, but new england dominating the action early. that's brandon foley, another no-name running back. that made it 10-0. back to torrey smith. debt with the legs, he can do it with the deep ball. here he makes an unselfish play. he goes up and breaks it up. mccourty looking like he's going to get the picks. second quarter, this is more
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traditional torrey smith. the great toe tap, making the catch in the corner. the refs called a flag on the play, then they picked it up. that made it 13-7. it was the beginning of a huge night, again, for torrey smith. patriots on fade. some guy named tom brady. braid day over 300 yards to make it 20-14. back to torrey smith, working the middle. 100 plus yards receiving. playing with a heavy heart. we have to give him some big up. ray rice caught the ball for 49 yards. he also scored a touchdown. then late in the game, mortar rei smith catching the ball right inside the pylon. he had a touchdown on the night. patriots will take the lead, torrey smith coming back down the sideline. how about that, making the nice catch there in the corner. and then the game winning field goal, yes, he just gets it in.
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31-30. how about those ravens coming back to win that game over the patriots tonight. bill belichick's team going to 1-3. good ball game, great ball game. kristen berset is in baltimore. k b, we talked about this game all week long. we know the story line. safe to say this game did not disappoint. >> reporter: it definitely did not, dave. we've got some happy fans here. a big win for these ravens. a big win for these ravens. rematch of the afc championship, revenge, and it came down to what we saw in that championship, a field goal, and this time the rains connected. justin tucker, aus showed what a game. this was one for the record books, but a great sunday night game.
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fans are excited. you know, aus had mentioned before, torrey smith, they did a moment of silence for his brother earlier today, but, wow, what a game for him. i mean, to score the first touchdown, to score the last touchdown, i mean, truly remarkable. i'm afraid somebody is going to run and grab me here for a second. but truly remarkable for him. the entire crowd was behind him, chanting "torrey." >> you've covered that team well. i know you know torrey smith very well. we'll get back to you a little bit later in the show. thank you very much on that. let's take a look at the afc north standings, rock, as we move on here.
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baltimore 2-1. those bengals, everyone wants to count them out but they're at the top of that afc north ledger there. pittsburgh 1-2, losing to the raiders today. >> yes, sir. i don't have to see those jerseys any more. >> cleveland at 0-3. back to the nfc side. ugliest game of the day, i would say. i know you hate the cowboys. tony romo was in freeze frame for most of the day. this is josh freeman. only two touchdowns combined in this game. that's one of them. that put the bucs up early. here's the second. murray, they call this getting the edge by a running back. he takes the pylon. dallas tax on three field goals. cowboys win it 16-10. >> boo! >> you are going to be saying "yea" to this in a seconds. eagles on the road to phoenix.
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kevin kolb, 17 of 24, two touchdowns. kolb to larry fitzgerald. beast mode. the eagles, they never competed in this game. cardinals win easy, 27-6. let's take a look at the standings. there are your boys, 1-2 at the bottom there, but still a lot of football left to be played. dallas 2-1, giants 2-1, philadelphia 2-1 as well, but they can't be happy with that performance in the desert this afternoon. we're not done yet. baseball coming up on the plus. the nats looking to lower that magic number. milwaukee says, heck no, we're in a playoff race, too. we're going to talk about it right after this.
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